Something about ‘My most Bizarre Cake Requests’

"Hi, I'm wanting to book you in for a Hens Party Cake please. We are wanting you to make a 3D cake of the Male Anatomy and we're happy to pay whatever it takes. But we want it big. Out there. Detailed"... This request, word for word came through to me via email about 2 months ago. I actually blushed when I read it. The thought of going through the motions of actually moulding cake, to be eaten, into the shape of, well, "the male anatomy" was where I drew the line. I very politely declined the invitation.

The most frequently asked question that comes my way is "what are the craziest cake requests you’ve received or had to do". The answer to this question makes me giggle, I feel like I may have become immune to what is considered "weird" - I've heard it all. I am an incredibly open-minded person, designer and creator. The creative blood that runs through my veins allows me to embrace and encourage the bizarre, the unique and the bold. I adore when a client comes to me with a sparkle in their eye - I can just foresee what I'm in for, a challenge no doubt, but ultimately the opportunity to create beyond the norm.

In saying that, I want to share with you the top 3 requests that even made my eyes and ears tense up:

3- "The Tarantula” – Need I say more? Whilst not so much strange, but certainly creepy, I did have a man wanting to order a cake for his wife’s 30th Birthday in the shape of a giant Tarantula Spider. Why? Well, to quote him “she loses her mind over spiders”. Like most people I have a grand phobia of spiders and couldn’t fathom, even for the sake of the job having to stare at a giant Cake Spider sitting in my fridge.

2 – “The Anatomy” – It’s certainly entertaining receiving emails with these requests. The detail is never lacking, the demands are always confusing, and sometimes, if I'm particularly lucky, I even get an attached image asking "can you emulate?"

1- "Cat Litter" - This request was personally the most bizarre. This particular lady wanted me to make a cake in the shape of a Cat giving birth to kittens. Instantly my mind starting summersaulting with ideas, as is custom for my creative brain. A gorgeous vision came to mind of the Mummy cat laying down with 5 or so little kittens nestled against her - post birth.

How wrong could I have been! When I divulged my idea to the customer, she responded with "No dear, I don't want post birth, I want during birth". In other words, she wanted me to carve the Mummy cat in the midst of giving birth to a kitten - "half in, half out". Not only that, she wanted the detail absolutely on point, blood soaked towels, birthing liquids, the lot! I was momentarily speechless, to which she proudly declared "You'll have no problem getting all the details right because I will send you a video of my cat giving birth to her litter last week, I filmed it all!” It was all getting very weird, I mean there is an extraordinarily telling reason I studied Cake & Design and not Medicine & Midwifery.

I am the biggest advocate of celebrating the perceived abnormalities in humans. I will forever continue to embrace the "weird" in this wide, wonderful, challenging world and hopefully continue to get the opportunity to represent it in my Cakes.

Happy baking, creating and eating.

Fiona x