Something about ‘My Inspiration’

I would always watch on with curious eyes and grand adoration. The way my darling Nonna's (grandmothers) delicate fingers would intricately roll and twist and dip and coat and mix and move. Her hands worked with utter grace and efficiency. From traditional Italian biscuits to cakes and sponges and donuts, I grew up by her side adoring her, one biscuit at a time.
nMy Nonna's gift, had  been passed on, not only to my Mum, but also gratefully, to me. As I grew in height and confidence I would nestle under my Nonna or Mum's wings every opportunity I got. And I would not budge, I wanted to soak in as much as I could, I wanted to get right in the action. This didn't always go down so well. There were countless occasions where my Mum would get cross with me for being in the way or stuffing a recipe up, she'd yank the wooden spoon from my hands and send me on my way. Ultimately though she knew all I wanted was to be with her baking away, and more times than not she let me help, passing on all her secrets.  
A notoriously hard worker, I found myself embroiled on a path that was unrewarding and monotonous. After excelling in VCE I was forced into taking the University/Academic path, made to believe it was the only way that I could ever "be worthy". This mentality haunted me for years, and so I endured 2 years of a University degree. I  was utterly miserable, though one random day I made the courageous decision that I was strong enough to follow my dreams.
I knew what made my heart tick, and so, one afternoon I hopped on a tram down to William Angliss Tafe in the Melbourne CBD and enrolled myself in a Pastry Apprenticeship Course. Within a week I had secured a place of employment to complete my apprenticeship and was accepted into the course. f3 years later I graduated with honours, awarded a special achievement certificate and won Dux of my year. My Nonna watched on as I accepted my awards and I couldn't take my eyes off her, it was a chillingly special and proud moment.
To this day, I look for the glimmer in her eye when I show her one of my creations, and when I catch it, my heart sparkles a little, and everything just makes sense.
~ In loving dedication to Rosa, my Inspiration...
Happy baking, creating and eating.

Fiona x