Something about ‘Making my Cakes 100% from scratch”

Gone are the days when it used to be an unspoken, unquestionable fact that all sweets and delicacies were made using real butter, chocolate & flour. In a society obsessed with mass consumption and quantifiable products, the true essence of baking has slowly and sadly vanished. I could easily too join the flock and start making my cakes using a mixture that comes from a bag, but I will not, that is not the legacy I want to leave.

With respect, there is absolutely no comparison between a cake made from scratch versus a cake from a bag. That's not to say that a premixed cake is "bad", its just a fresh cake is authentically better.


I am a huge advocate of healthy living. Its taken a while, but I have finally established a good balance between nutritional eating and regular treating. I stumble occasionally, because, well who can resist good old cake cut offs?! Ultimately though, I've got a solid idea about incorporating small treats into my diet. When I do treat myself, because it is on a rare basis, and in small quantities, I want to make sure I am putting as little preservatives into my body as possible. A cake made from scratch, using butter, eggs, sugar, real chocolate, cocoa powder etc whilst a little high in calories, is free from nasty additives and preservatives. Most premixes have additives and subsidisers in order to create an affordable and workable product, this is a reality. It is because of this that if I'm not willing to eat a premix cake, I am not willing to sell it

It's incredibly important to me that my cakes not only look fabulous, but also taste amazing and most importantly are flavoursome and moist. When you bring a crumb or piece of my cake to your lips I want the aroma to fill your nose with instant gratification and when it hits your taste buds, I want you to be able to identify without a doubt the flavour - be it Choc Hazelnut, White Choc Lemon etc, and once it does I want you to be able to say one of two things, "Wow" or "Give me more".

In a society saturated with dietitians and personal trainers alike arguing with each other about which food groups to extinguish from your diets, we have truly begun to lose the essence of what it means to actually enjoy a treat. My job is to create masterpieces that have the ability to bring an abundance of joy to the consumer, part of that is my wish for each of you to actually be able to savour the moment you get to enjoy a beautiful, fresh piece of cake without any guilt or self-deprecation what so

I believe wholeheartedly that we all need to incorporate a treat into our weekly diets. I've been to those places of deprecation when trying to lose weight, cutting out food groups, cutting out snacks, cutting out treats and basically cutting out my happiness in the process. Its no doubt most of us are in a constant battle with food and forever monitoring what goes in our mouths, that's life cake-279524_960_720.

Though if I give you once piece of advice that from experience has helped me maintain a healthy relationship with food, it is, make peace with the fact that you deserve to enjoy your treats. Eat healthy most days, workout most days, but reassure yourself that you are deserving of treats. By no means am I advocating binge eating or unhealthy eating, at the end of the day, its all about a balance, but I know personally once I gave myself the permission to actually enjoy a treat and not just go through the motions of eating it and then stressing about it, my relationship with food completely changed.

Ultimately if your one treat of the week is a piece of my cake, rest assured my gift to you is that you will not be disappointed!