Something about ‘Avoiding Wedding Cake disasters’

If a statistic existed that tracked the percentage of brides whom actually enjoy the lead up to the Wedding, I could almost guarantee the number would be incredibly dire looking. The thing is though, the lead up to the Wedding, just as the actual day itself, should be an enjoyable process, or at the very least not overwhelmingly stressful. bridal-636018_960_720
I enjoy creating a close rapport with my brides. I enjoy getting to know each bride and most importantly reassuring them that the Wedding Cake process with me is going to be seamless and one less element of their Wedding Planning to stress about. 
From my experience, it's important to search for and ultimately book in with experienced and honest suppliers, those who make you feel like you don't have to continue to follow up on that particular piece of the puzzle. The following story may convince you just that little bit more of this. 
It was about 11am when I received a call from a Wedding/Event Planner from a venue I have a close working rapport with. Immediately I could sense the panic from the person on the other line, "Fiona, how quick can you get here? It's a disaster!". I dropped everything and made my way to the venue, unaware of what to expect. When I stepped into the kitchen, I was met with about 6 of the most devastated, panicked faces I'd ever seen. And when my eyes met with what was supposed to be the Wedding Cake, I thought to myself, help-66611_960_720"that is irreparable". 
The bride & groom had taken up an offer from their family friend who wanted to make their Wedding Cake for the day. With no previous experience making a tiered cake, but many years of baking under her belt, the family friend thought she had everything under control. I  can appreciate the bride & groom wanting to take up the offer given it was their Wedding gift from this family friend, however the look on the brides face as she stood there pleading with me for help, said to me, she regretted the decision badly. Here she was on the day before her Wedding, staring down the possibility of having no Wedding Cake to cut at all. 
The 3 tier cake was upside down for starters, the family friend had not only skewered and constructed the cake incorrectly, but upon delivery had not packed it and placed it in the car safely. Consequently the tiers had sunk into each other and on delivery had completely toppled over. I could not retrieve anything from the mess, the sugar flowers were all crushed and the cake itself was basically mush. I felt truly terrible and although I was snowed under with my own Wedding Cake orders for that weekend, I agreed to help. 
Ultimately it was a happy ending, I had to work through the night but I was able to whip something up using foam tiers and cakes and flowers I had leftover. Despite this, it was an incredibly stressful situation for the bride, groom, the venue and even myself in the end. There is no doubt that all intentions were genuine and good, however when there is pressure coming from so many directions when organising a Wedding, I recommend simply not taking risks - especially when there are so many amazing suppliers out there willing to help.
Fiona Rose x