Something about ‘My Top 5 Cake-Creating Music Playlists’

Music, as for so many people, is a massive part of my world. I have found my taste varies when it comes to getting me in the Cake Creating zone. 
Sharing this with you, is basically baring my soul, so be kind ok..believe it or not the Bieber train is fun to be on when you're up at 2am with the Owls, caking away. 
So here we go... 
Playlist 1 -  Baking the cakes. The the cracking of eggs, the sifting, the mixing and the pouring.
** Lots of Stevie Nicks & The 1975  -  Cruisy and smooth tones, mellow beats and sing-along lyrics - yes I am that person - are perfect for this process. 
Playlist 2 - Ganaching the cakes. The melting, the pouring and the smoothing. notes-311995_960_720
**Concrete Blond's album 'Blood Letting' - Lead singer Johnette Napolitano's vocal style is so addictive. A pleasure to listen to and always puts a smile on my face, even when I've spilt half the ganache over the stove.   
Playlist 3 -  Icing the cakes with Hard Icing (Fondant).
The sometimes arduous kneading & rolling of big quantities of hard Icing calls for some flexing of the guns and the best way to get in this mode is of course with some heart pumpin' workout music. 

**Getting the nod here is - 'My Hero' by the Foo Fighters or 'They don't care about us' - by the King in Michael Jackson. 

Playlist 4 - Sugar Flower making. The rolling, the cutting, the veining, the smoothing, the placing and the maneuvering. I love flower making, but it sometimes can become a very repetitive process, and so the only person getting me through is my friend Justin Bieber. Unapologetically on the Bieber train. 
** 'Sorry' by the Biebs gets a few - ok fine, way more than a "few" - replays.  
Playlist 5 - Hand Painting. One of my favourite jobs, to which music-278795_960_720I find nothing more inspiring and soothing than listening to traditional Opera and Cello pieces. It is the ultimate inspiration and actually draws my creative juices out of me and onto the cake. 
** Without doubt the genius of Luciano Pavarotti makes this playlist multiple times. 
The Cello in my opinion is one of the most glorious sounds known to man kind. I know society says a Classical piece is no where near as "cool" as a 1D tune, but if you have even one minute of spare time right now, listen to Bach's - The Prelude. Close your eyes and surrender to the sound. I challenge you not to feel moved. Impossibe! 


So there you have it, the songs I listen to when creating each stage of your masterpieces. Any surprises?