Something about ‘The perfect School Holiday activity for the kids’

Is is just me or does it feel like these days kids are spending more time on "holidays" than actually at "school"?  I don't have kids, but what I do have is an immense adoration for my own space, something which I can only imagine is non existent when the kids are at home.boy-1298788_960_720 
Don't panic though, because I have the perfect home activity for you to throw at the kids when they're home and getting all up in your face. This activity not only requires little supervision but it actually is something the kids will love doing. 
It will require a little bit of preparation on your behalf however. 
Most kids are in awe of pretty cakes and creations, especially those with their favourite characters and colours. This is where the preparation happens on your part: toys-1138469_960_720
1- Print out Silhoutte shapes of your kids' favourite characters, e.g. I recently printed and cut out one of Peppa Pig for my niece. 
2 - Roll out a piece of White Fondant, any size you desire, but make sure its not too thick. Place the silhouette cut out on the fondant and trace around with a knife to get the same shape out of the fondant.
3 - Place the shapes on a flat surface in a dark place to dry hard. Be sure to keep the colour picture of the characters that you printed out. And that's basically it! 

Station Preparation - Make sure each child has: 

- A small chopping board, plastic knife, bowl of cornflour, cup of water, paint brush, small rolling pin and shape cutters. 
-  About 50g or so of Fondant wrapped in gladwrap in the colours that appear on the relevant character. For example, for Peppa Pig I gave my niece, pale pink, darker pink, black and white icing.  
**Fondant Icing is now readily available in a variety of colours from Coles or Woolworths.
- The Fondant silhouette of their character that you pre-prepared   
- The printed out paper colour picture of their character. pig-304317_960_720
Then fun then begins!!! The kids then have the freedom to basically create an Icing Silhouette of their favourite characters which they can actually keep. Leave them be and let their creativity be expressed how they
The factors that stand this activity a part from others is that:
- It's not easy enough that the kids will be bored or rush through it. This activity will actually be a challenge for your kids, they'll have to take their time and think about the shapes and sizes they're cutting.  
- Knowing it's something they can keep will inspire them
- It will actually take them a decent amount of time
- If they don't finish or get tired the day they start the project, its something they can continue the next day. 
Win, Win, Win. You're welcome! 😉